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Talent is a high-quality resource for enterprise development. We always insist on the treatment of people, the retention of people, and the retention of business. Cibei is like the second leader of a career. We are here to live together, and the compass of the soul is here. Joy and pain, frustration and success, we share and share. Only by working hard can you achieve your dreams.

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    Responsible cooperation and innovation

  • Moral chapter - be grateful for doing something responsible


    Prove strength through action and defend dignity with performance

  • Committed to providing employees with a healthy and happy working environment and scientific and reasonable salary incentives

Recruitment position

  • Senior fitter

    Position: Senior fitter

    Job requirements:

    1. Mechanical related majors, technical secondary school or above;
    2, with more than 5 years of work experience related to fitter, age 30 ~ 40 years old;
    3. Hold intermediate or above clamper grade certificate, familiar with the principle and use of most processing equipment;
    4, not fainting, full of interest in the creative creation of the fitter work, with the spirit of craftsmanship;
    5, good health, can bear hardships and stand hard work; have a good team spirit;
    6, the conditions are appropriate to favorably.

  • Medical device engineer

    Position: Medical Device Engineer

    Job requirements:

    1. Major in mechanical design, college degree or above, English level 4 or above;

    2. Have more than 2-3 years of design work experience in mold/machining/medical equipment, familiar with passive medical equipment or hardware products;

    3, skilled use of design software such as: cad, pro-e, etc.;

    4. Successfully completed more than 2 research projects with the R&D project or completed more than one organization;

    5. Have participated in process improvement or technological innovation, and have the ability to independently handle customer complaints in product design;

    6. If the conditions of all aspects are high with the enterprise, the requirements may be relaxed.

  • Technical reserve cadre

    Position: Technical Reserve Officer

    Job requirements:

    1. Mechanical design related majors, full-time undergraduate fresh graduates.
    2, strong learning ability, quick thinking, active participation in the school during the school.
    3. There are personal plans to give priority to the development of metal, plastic or new material structure design.

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